Ali has pulled me into the living room without my mind even catching up to what just happened. I can't believe that cute guy Eli from upstairs is Marc's stepbrother, EJ. The 'J' must be his initial from his last name. I know Marc had mentioned they don't share the same last name. I'm trying to think back to the stories he had told me about Eli. From what I can remember, he's a hockey player, he can be a bit of an asshole, and he's very popular, especially with the ladies. Most of which line up with the first impression I had gotten from him outside the bathroom. But, he's also told me what a great guy he is once you get to know him, though he doesn't let many people close enough find out. 

Regardless of all that, he's off-limits. I hadn't put too much thought into what could've happened with the guy I met upstairs, but now that I know he's Marc's brother, anything that could have been is definitely off the table, which is for the best. I don't need to be thinking about anyone else's feelings at the moment. 

Ali brings me to a table covered in sticky liquid. Beer, I assume. Ten cups are lined up in a triangle shape on each side of the table, and each is about halfway full with beer. I look to the other end of the table to see who our opponents are when I'm not so pleasantly surprised to find the guys from the kitchen earlier, Cam and Patrick. 

I look back at Ali and say, "I really don't want to play." 

She rolls her eyes at me. "You're playing. I need you to wing-woman for me." She says while smiling and looking over at Cam. "See that guy over there?" She nods her head in his direction. "I think he's cute. So suck it up, buttercup, and play a round with me." She places a ping pong ball in my hand.