I make my way downstairs, still in a daze from the encounter I had outside the bathroom. I head to the kitchen to get myself a new drink while keeping my eyes peeled for the pretty girl from upstairs, but I haven't spotted her yet. I hope she didn't leave already. She was super hot, and usually, I'd try to hook up with a girl that looks like that, but she doesn't seem like the type of girl I'm used to pursuing. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but I do know I want to see her again. 

I try to push my way through the group of people crowding the entrance to the kitchen. Right then, I hear Marc call my name, and I spot him across the kitchen, close to the sink. I give him a nod, so he knows that I heard him, and I start heading in his direction. When I make it to him, I bump my fist with his and look to the girl next to him with her back towards me, facing the sink. 

I'd recognize that burgundy hair anywhere. 

She turns to face me with an expectant smile, but as soon as her eyes lock with mine, her expression changes from excited to shocked. 

Then she drops her cup of water, and it splashes all over the floor. Wow, this girl is clumsy. 

I look down on to the wet ground and back up to her face. "I believe that's two for two," I say to her with a flirtatious smile. 

She's standing there in shock until she realizes the mess she just made. She blushes as she looks down on to the wet floor and says, "Shit. My bad!" before reaching down to pick up her empty cup. She looks around frantically and spots the paper towels sitting on the counter next to the sink. Before she can use them, Marc takes them from her hand and puts them back where they came from.