The house is packed tonight, which is not much of a surprise since we throw the best parties on campus. I recognize most everyone here so far, but I'm hoping there will be some new girls coming through tonight. I don't necessarily feel the need to hook up with a random chick, but it's nice to keep my options open. I still haven't decided if I'm going to drink or not yet, so I'm sticking to water in my red solo cup for now. 

I wander through the house and get stopped at least five or six times. Its mostly girls being desperate wearing close to nothing, or guys who want to talk about the upcoming hockey season. Not that I mind either of those situations usually, I'm just not really in the mood to deal with it tonight. I haven't been sleeping well at all, and I'm exhausted. I probably shouldn't have agreed to host this party, but we always throw a kickoff party the weekend before school starts. I've had so much anxiety about this upcoming season, knowing it's my last one if I don't get called up by the time its over, which has been affecting my sleep a little too much lately. 

I get stopped again, this time by a blonde girl who is wearing a skin-tight red dress. Her cleavage from her fake tits could not be more in my face. She grabs my arm and rakes her long nails down my bicep. I instantly recognize her. 

"Hey, Maddison." She says while giving me a smirk. 

"Alyssa." I roll my eyes. I don't feel like dealing with her tonight even though she is an easy lay. 

"Missed you this summer." She cocks her head to the side while continuing to graze her nails over my arm. "How was this dreadful town without me?" 

"Quieter," I state matter of factly. 

She licks her lips and bites down on her bottom one while giving me a smirk. God, could she be any more obvious? I realize then that she thinks I meant quieter because she wasn't screaming my name while we were in bed. She the loudest girl I've ever been with, which can be kinda hot sometimes. But what I meant is that it was quieter because I didn't have to hear her annoyingly high pitch voice saying "Hey Maddison" at every party she's at. And she's at every party. 

Anyone who knows me through hockey calls me by my last name, Maddison. My family calls me EJ, which is short for Eli James. I guess that's fine, but I just want to be called by my name, Eli. I don't meet many people that don't know me through hockey, and even if I do, as soon as they hear people calling me Maddison, they start to call me that too. 

I can still feel Alyssa's long nails on my arm. I look down at her and contemplate giving her the attention she's so desperately asking for. Just then, I hear someone yell "EJ" from across the room. I look up and see Marc standing by the door, waving me over. 

"Gotta go." I grab Alyssa's hand and remove it from my arm. If I change my mind about her tonight, I'm sure she will still be around. 

I bob and weave through the crowd of people, getting stopped by a couple of guys trying to get me to join their beer pong game. Once I make my way through the crowd, I hug Marc. 

"Really, dude? Did you get more popular while I was gone last semester?" He's giving me shit. He knows how annoying I find it when people pretend to know me because they assume I'm going to play professional hockey one day and want to be my friend. Little do they know that I may never play professional hockey at this rate. 

"Ha.Ha. Very funny." I say sarcastically. 

I look down at the short brunette next to Marc. She's scanning the room while twirling a piece of her hair between her fingers. She's chewing gum and looks like she has an attitude, which isn't his usual type. Though she's hot as hell, so I guess she's everybody's type. Even though I can't keep my promise to Marc about not attempting to sleep with every girl I lay my eyes on, I can keep my promise when it comes to the girl he came here with. 


"Hey, I'm Eli." I reach my hand down to her to shake. 

Just then, I hear "Maddison!" from somewhere in the kitchen. I turn my head to see who it was, but I have no idea who said it, I honestly don't care, and the house is too packed to find out. 

"Maddison, huh?" The short girl asks while cocking her head to the side. 

"Yeah, its Eli, or you can go with Maddison if you prefer." I'm still holding out my hand for her to shake it. 

She places her small hand in mine. "Yeah, I think I'll go with Maddison.". 

Of course, she will. 

"I'm Ali." 6