I open the door, hoping to see Marc, and that's precisely who I find. 

"Logan!" He hugs me and picks me up at the same time. I always forget just how tall Marc is. I thought I was tall at 5'8", but he's at least 6'2" and can pick me up with ease. 

"Hey!" I squeeze my arms around his neck. I've missed my best friend for the last two months. We've talked every day, but it's just not the same. 

"Dude, we are on the same floor. How sick is that?" He states while placing me back on my feet. 

"Really? Where is your room?" I peek my head out into the hallway. 

He points about three doors down on the opposite side of the hall. "C-8. Right there." 

"Oh my god! That's closer than when we were in Spain. That's awesome!" I'm beginning to think that they put all of the first-year MBA students on the C floor. 

"Also, I just bought a new TV, so any games we watch, we can do it at my place. Do you need help unpacking anything?" He looks around my room and notices its completely set up and ready to go. "Never mind, you're good." He laughs. "You don't have plans tonight, do you?" 

"Marc, I don't know a single soul in this entire state. Do you think I have plans tonight?" I sarcastically ask.