By the time I've unloaded my car, Ali and I have passed by each other three more times. On the trips down to the car, I've learned that she's also starting her first year of grad school to get her MBA, and she's excited to hear that I'm doing the same. She also asks if Logan Leo is my real name because she thinks it sounds like an actor's name. I don't think she remembered that part about me not being from LA. I inform her that it is indeed my real name and that my dad was adamant on the name, Logan, whether I was born a boy or a girl. 

Ali is wearing a tight black crop top that barely covers her bra and its paired with plaid cargo pants that are tight around her ankles with Doc Marten boots. She looks edgy but effortless. Her entire stomach is exposed, and she looks absolutely flawless. 

She fills me in on her family life, and I find out she is the oldest of three girls. Her parents are married and living in Brooklyn, as are both sets of her grandparents. She likes to work out, but she also loves to eat, which are two of my favorite things. 

She also adds that she doesn't have a boyfriend because she doesn't believe in them, which I find interesting. 

"What do you mean you don't believe in boyfriends?" I ask.