I can't believe its finally my senior year. Well, super-senior year. Whatever, it takes most people five years to graduate anyways. Not that I give a shit how long it takes to get my degree, I am here just to play hockey. After I had to redshirt my sophomore year because I broke my ankle, I took my time with classes and made my semesters as easy as possible since I knew I had to be here for five years. Unless the league called me up early. I would leave in a heartbeat, no matter how close I was to graduating. 

This year is going to be the best for sure. I barely have any real classes to take, so I can enjoy this year, play hockey, and party. The only shitty thing is that Marc isn't going to be living with me this time. We lived together in the hockey house for the last four years, even though he wasn't on the team. The only time we've ever been apart was last semester when he went to Spain to study abroad. Those few months were absolute shit without him. He's my only real friend; everyone else is superficial. I'm so glad he's back even though he's going to be living in the grad school dorms, and I'll still be in the hockey house. Knowing him, he will be over here most the time anyway. 

Today is when he officially moves out, even though he wasn't here last semester or this summer. I didn't leave this summer. I had too much training to do. This year is my last shot at getting called up to the National Hockey League, and I don't need any distractions. 

"Hey man, the last of my stuff is loaded in the car. I'm going to head out." Marc says while peeking his head in through my door and pulling me out of my thoughts. 

"Alright, man. You coming tonight?" I get off my bed to hug him goodbye. A manly hug. The kind where you just swing one arm over their shoulder and give them a quick tap with your fist. 

"Yeah, for sure. I wouldn't miss your first party of the year. I'm bringing Logan by the way." 

Marc made a new friend when in Spain, which doesn't surprise me. He's friends with everyone. Not like me, where people think they're friends with me, but in reality, they don't know me at all. Everyone thinks I'm just some selfish hockey player with an attitude who gets with any chick he wants. Which, to be honest, is true. But, I do care about people too. I just haven't met someone who I care about that isn't related to me.