Back in Love

Chapter 310 In Death Or Life Separated And Far Apart, With You I Make An Agreement

Looking down from the Ferris wheel, Lola saw a sea of roses with lily flowers in the middle, which showed a few words, 'Lola, you are my destiny.'

She shook her head and asked in disbelief, "What's going on?"

For a moment, a lot of people came, holding a sign with words, "In death or life separated and far apart, with you I made an agreement."

On the back of the sign there was the other line of words, "I hold your hand, and together with you I am to grow old."

Barry, Lily, Ryan, Jane, Ivan, Daisy, Anna, Fiona...

All their friends had come!

Surprised, Lola covered her mouth and her vision was blurred.

But she tried hard to read those words. She remembered literature course he had taught her while they were at school.

"In death or life separated and far apart, with you I make an agreement. I hold your hand, and together with you I am to grow old. " Sitting at the desk, Louisa read these words. Suddenly, she turned to the snoring Jacob and asked, "Jay, what does it mean?"

Jacob yawned lazily. "Why are you so stupid? You can't even understand such simple words?"

"I really don't understand. Tell me how to interpret it." Louisa asked in confusion.

Jacob shook his head and thought that she was too stupid to be cured. He sighed and said, "It means, no matter life or death, I make an agreement with you that I will hold your hand and grow old with you forever. Do you understand, silly girl? "

"Well, I don't think so. Why should they make an agreement to grow old together forever? "

"Because they love each other. They can't be separated from each other no matter whether they are alive or dead. It's their oath to live till death! It means that to be together even if they die! "

"Wow, it sounds really beautiful and romantic. That's so nice. " Holding the book, Louisa stared at the man, as if a flower was blooming in her heart.

hear such words?

really good, but it's too ideal! How could there be such pure and

you even question such a beautiful poem? I think it must exist! As long as

ridiculous. You are such a stupid girl. How could anyone be willing to hold your

sweet smile on Louisa's face, she thought to herself,

"In death or life separated and far apart. With you I make an agreement. I

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around in confusion. "Oh? Then what?

Jacob suddenly half knelt in front of her, took out a ring, and said in front of her, "Lola, marry me, and grow old with

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are you doing

"I know you don't believe my love for you, so now I kneel down to propose to you in public, and so many people are watching! I, Jacob,

sobbed, "Are

be?" Jacob smiled slightly, "I didn't expect that we got the marriage license in a hurry, so I want to propose to you formally this time. I just want you and me to have no

" Shocked and flattered,

her, this scene was

I'm afraid my knees won't be able to stand up." Jacob swallowed deeply and his palms gradually

eyebrows, Lola said, "Keep kneeling. I haven't

will think that you're unwilling to! Then I think we don't

grabbed his hand and grabbed the ring. "I just said wait. I didn't say I

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the ring to him and stretched out her right

at the dazzling ring, she couldn't help smiling.

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mocked by Lola. "I didn't expect that you would be so nervous that your hand

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