Back in Love

Chapter 309 A Surprise For You

When the night fell, Lola stood in front of the merry go round and looked at it motionlessly.

Lily stood behind her and wanted to say something, but she didn't dare to go forward. She could only look around.

Thank God, Lily finally saw the figure of Jacob. She immediately rushed over and said, "She has been standing there for a long time!"

"It doesn't matter. You can go back first. Barry will drive you home."

"Mr. Jacob, do you really... Regain your memories? "

Jacob nodded slightly and said, "Go ahead. I'll take care of her."

He walked straight to Lola and hugged her tightly from behind.

However, Lola stepped hard on his foot and turned around. She pursed her lips and said, "You bastard!"

"Cute sister, what are you talking about? Are you scolding me? "

"Yes, I am scolding you! Damn it! To deceive others? Acting, huh? You have fooled me around! " She bit his arm hard in order to vent her anger.

Jacob bore it without saying a word. He didn't let go of Lola and said to her in a soft voice, "I didn't lie to you. I really lost my memories at the beginning... I just delayed telling you the truth. "

"What? Tell me what was going on! " Discontentedly, Lola turned around and stared at him.

He reached out his hand and wiped her eyes. "Why are you crying?"

"Tell me..."

"You are such a fool." Jacob shook his head.

Biting her lips, Lola asked, "So, did you regain your memories here?"

said, "It seems that you

have a vague feeling that something is

can't lie to you! Lola, you are

away and said discontentedly, "How can I believe it? Do you know what happened to you made me so scared and worried? I was so afraid that you couldn't wake up. I was so afraid that I couldn't hold on anymore! But what about you? You were making fun of me and pretending to be a

I want to make this fact public today. I was afraid that once the news was leaked, they would use other methods to stop me. Fortunately, we won this

so much for nothing! You bad guy! When can you stop

how you punish me! But I think, we should talk

her head. "I don't want to play it! You brought another woman here

"Are you jealous?"

said firmly.

you pout so

me what

being intimate that day and misunderstood us. You even secretly hid aside and cried... You are such a fool. I really didn't touch her. At that time, I just treated her as a

on his heart,

Bang! Bang! Bang!

got an electric shock, with her hands trembling, and she

us!" He stared at her face with his deep eyes and said, "It was two days late that I told you the truth that I woke up. I owe you two days. From now on, I'll compensate you with my whole life,

you can do whatever you want just because you know I love you. You don't care about my feelings at all! You knew how much I hoped you could wake up, but you didn't tell me immediately. Barry had known it and helped you lie

say anything." He

him several times,

a word, Jacob endured it, but there was a happy smile on his face.

Lola was tired that she snorted coldly

out of inertia. "Well, honey, since you have hit enough, you should be relieved. You must

tired. I can

time to beat

her senses, Jacob had already taken her to

was turned on.

twinkling light shone on Jacob's face, as if he had returned

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