Back in Love

Chapter 307 This Position Is Mine

When they arrived at the building of the Gu Group, Lola saw that the situation at the gate was unusual and immediately stopped Jacob from getting off the car.

"Jacob, stay in the car! Lily, get off the car right now and check what's going on. "

Lily nodded slightly and got off the car. She walked straight to them, but was stopped by the security guards. They didn't let her in.

"What are you doing? I'm the assistant of Mr. Jacob's wife, Mrs. Lola. I'm going to attend the meeting. Why do you stop me? "

Lily asked with righteous indignation.

"I'm sorry. Something happened here just now. Someone threw a fake bomb in the name of Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Lola. The police are coming soon, and any related personnel have to be checked! No matter you are a real assistant or a fake one, you can't leave now! "

"What? Why can't I leave? Why do you have the right to restrict my freedom? " Lily turned around and was about to leave, but her arm was grabbed by the security guard. "We don't have the right, but the police have the right to do so. Now they have arrived!"

Following the security guard's sight and seeing the police car coming, Lily winked at the direction of Lola!

Getting the hint, Lola immediately moved to the driver's seat and said, "Jacob, hold on. Let's go in through another door!"

"What about Lily?"

"She will be fine! She just asked us to find another way! "

Biting her lips tightly and sweating, Lola drove the car to the back door.

Although there was no police at the back door, it seemed that some people were guarding it.

"What should we do, Lola? How about we break in by force?" asked Jacob worriedly.

If it was in the past, after all, Jacob was good at taekwondo. He could beat several people so that they could rush in.

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best idea. Or what else can we do?" She helped him remove the trash, took out his suit and sorted out his clothes.

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