Back in Love

Chapter 303 Like Me To Call You Sister

Jacob blinked and pursed his lips. "Well, that strange uncle told me that I shouldn't call you sister. In fact, I'm older than you, so I should call you Lola."

"Strange uncle?" Lola was surprised, but then she realized who he was. By the way, when Jacob woke up and saw Barry, he called Barry "strange uncle", which made Barry almost vomit blood to refute.

However, he couldn't change Jacob's mind to call him strange uncle.

"Don't you like me to call you Lola? Do you like me to call you sister? " Jacob looked at her doubtfully and asked seriously.

Lola's face darkened and she immediately retorted, "What are you talking about? Why would I like you to call me sister... I was just curious about your sudden change of address. I thought... Well, I must have thought too much. How could you wake up? You still act like a child. "

She shook her head disappointedly and held his hand. "You might be scared just now. Don't go to practice. Take a nap and have lunch before you go to practice."

Jacob pouted and shook his head discontentedly, shaking Lola's hand hard. "Then you take a nap with me. I don't want to be alone! If you take a nap with me this afternoon, I will definitely practice hard and won't let you down... "

Lola was in a dilemma. She had planned to go out when he was practicing, but he was so sticky now...

"Be good. I'll go out and come back later. Your strange uncle will supervise you. If you don't listen to him, he will tell me." Lola ordered gently, stroking his head.

It seemed that she really treated him as a child.

Jacob curled his lips and snorted, "I want you. Strange uncle is a man. How can he sleep with me?"

With a slightly red face, Lola helplessly reached out her hand and lightly hit his forehead. "What? You would sleep with him if he were a woman? How about asking Barry to change his gender? "

"No, I just want you! You smell good. I like it! "

her lips, squinted her eyes and looked at him inquisitively. "I am curious why you like me so much now? It is totally different from before!

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