Back in Love

Chapter 302 Lola, You Are Better

"You... Why are you so intimate? " Jewel asked in surprise.

Smiling, Lola shook her head and blushed. "Dr. Jewel, you are saying something strange. We are a couple. When did we become estranged from each other?"

Not wanting to accept it, Jewel rushed to them and said, "Miss Lola, can't you let me have a few words with Mr. Jacob alone? I really have something to tell him! Please give me a few minutes! "

Lola looked at Jacob and shrugged. "Okay, I'll give you a few minutes. Jacob, go and talk to your beautiful sister. You won't see each other again."

Lola pushed Jacob in and closed the door.

She listened carefully beside the door.

Barry was about to say something, but he saw this scene. He smiled and also listened beside the door with Lily.

Jewel closed the door tightly and took Jacob to the window. With a frown, Jacob loosened his hand.

"Beautiful sister, what else do you want to say?"

"Mr. Jacob, do you remember? The first time you woke up, you saw me. You grabbed my hand and said you wanted to eat something. I wanted to leave you, but you refused. You just kept holding my hand... Do you remember what happened between us not long ago? "

"Beautiful sister, although I thought your eyes were so beautiful and kept pestering you, now I find someone with more beautiful eyes. Her eyes make me addicted to them... Ha ha, I just feel that you are a little strange now. It's not funny at all. "

made me fall in love with you more and more deeply and unable to extricate myself. Do you know that I find that I have fallen in love with you? Since last night, you have been in my mind all the time. I thought of all of

strange! I'm just a kid.

You are not a child. You are an adult! You are the heir of the Gu Family, you are Jacob! As long as you say you love me and want me to be with you... Then I will have a reason to stay with you. I don't want to be a doctor. I won't go anywhere. I just want to be with you, okay?

eagerness, Jewel shook

hard that he felt uncomfortable, so he pushed her away. Caught off guard, she fell to the

and looked at him with tears

to me, Jacob? How could you flirt with me without scruple and then leave me alone? You are too heartless. How can you abandon me when you don't need me?

you grabbing me? I really don't understand what you

that you want me to stay, you only want me to stay with you, just like before! Why

come and save me. There is a lunatic sister here. She scratches

door was kicked open with a bang.

who was pestering Jacob. She said angrily, "Time is over. Jewel, what else do you want

you want me to stay. Didn't you just say that you wanted me to stay with

I didn't say that. I don't know what's wrong with her. She has always been like a lunatic... Please let her go back as

Barry, then Barry grabbed Jewel tightly. Jewel kept struggling, but it

only I, but also Barry and Lily all heard what you said! It's impossible for you to take advantage of Jacob! My husband can't be at the

sake of my taking care of him before? I promise you, I will never compete with you for his love, and I will never take him away from you! I just want to stay by his side, watch him and protect him. I don't want status, money,


I just fell in love with a man I shouldn't

me to let her stay by my husband's side, and I agree, my family will become an imperial palace and Jacob will become the emperor

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