I gasped and looked at the dragon in front of me. It was really the one in my dream. The appearance itself was the same as what I saw.

The Fire Dragon Salamander was real!

After melting the door, the dragon spit another fire again to the stone wall of my cell creating a big hole leading towards the outside.

I couldn’t help but feel awed by how powerful the fire coming from the Fire Dragon Salamander was.

“You are real,” I was looking at the dragon with a shocked expression.

Yes, Ayesha.

I couldn’t believe that the Fire Dragon Salamander was really real! I blinked a couple of times just to make sure I am not imagining things. But the dragon was still in front me.

Get on my back. We need to leave. The guards are coming. The dragon said in my head as it lowered its back for me to climb.

I looked at the melted door hoping to see Laura but she was out of sight.

Where did the guard take her?

“I need to take Laura with me,” I plead to the dragon.

My brows furrowed. Did I just hear him make a disapproving sound?

We can’t take her. She can’t withstand the heat coming from me.

My eyes widened when I saw a lot of guards with weapons coming in our way. I hurriedly climbed on the back of the dragon and held on to its back.

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