I gasped and looked at the dragon in front of me. It was really the one in my dream. The appearance itself was the same as what I saw.

The Fire Dragon Salamander was real!

After melting the door, the dragon spit another fire again to the stone wall of my cell creating a big hole leading towards the outside.

I couldn’t help but feel awed by how powerful the fire coming from the Fire Dragon Salamander was.

“You are real,” I was looking at the dragon with a shocked expression.

Yes, Ayesha.

I couldn’t believe that the Fire Dragon Salamander was really real! I blinked a couple of times just to make sure I am not imagining things. But the dragon was still in front me.

Get on my back. We need to leave. The guards are coming. The dragon said in my head as it lowered its back for me to climb.

I looked at the melted door hoping to see Laura but she was out of sight.

Where did the guard take her?

“I need to take Laura with me,” I plead to the dragon.

My brows furrowed. Did I just hear him make a disapproving sound?

We can’t take her. She can’t withstand the heat coming from me.

My eyes widened when I saw a lot of guards with weapons coming in our way. I hurriedly climbed on the back of the dragon and held on to its back.

Dragon Salamander flew out of prison and went

my red hair, almost covering my sight. I scooped it with my other hand when the dragon halted and then it flew away and went towards the

two long years, I was really out


brought me to the forest.

start here,

said after putting me safely in the

but it was not responding. Where did

did it disappear right away? I had a lot of questions that I wanted

the dragon mean when it said that my journey

It confused me.

sighed. Now, I’m all alone. I closed my eyes and felt the fresh air. It

around. I couldn’t believe that I

was to hide from the royal guards. And I need to be careful. I knew they were already trying to look for me.

started to walk and wander through the forest. The branches and leaves of the

didn’t know how long I had been wandering the forest. The sun was already set and

not that far away from where I am. I followed the path going there and saw a tiny house of wood and

house. There were clothes hanging outside. The smoke that I saw was actually coming from bonfire

and took the sleeveless tunics and the cloak that was hanging outside. I also saw a pair of shoes so I took it with me and ran away from the house

changed my clothes and wore the cloak and the pair of shoes that I stole. Lucky me. The shoes fitted my feet and the cloak was big

where I could stay for the night and sleep. I gathered some fallen dried twigs and branches that fell from the trees and made a bonfire out of it to

lot of stars but the moon was out of sight. I curled myself into a fetal position


next day. I covered my eyes when the rays of the sun hit my face. It had been a

stretch it. I already know what I would do starting today. I would find my way back to Scala Town. I wanted

I heard the slight grumble of my stomach. I didn’t eat last night. I was famished. I decided to wander again into the forest and find something

unlucky. Just a couple of meters away from me was a wild boar lurking on the bushes as if it was finding something. It

stepped on the dried leaves creating a cracking sound that made the boar look into my

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