I went home after what happened in the market. I was walking on my way through the dusty road. I cover my nose and mouth whenever the wind blows. The combination of dust and the wind is not good at all.

I was almost close to our house when a wagon passed by me. I coughed when the dust suddenly got in my mouth and blinded my sight for a while.

I glared at the retreating wagon and ran towards our house.

I looked at the dress that I was wearing. I didn’t notice a while ago that there’s a tear on the tip. My mama would probably scold me if she saw this.

I changed into my tunic dress and just stayed in my room.

Sometimes I also think that what if we’re not poor? I can really go to school and study. Being poor in our town is so difficult. We are not allowed to go to school.

Many people my age in our town were already working. But my mama wouldn’t allow me to work. She wanted me to always stay here in the house. She said that it was for my safety and I didn’t know why she said that. Am I not safe outside?

I sighed and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair didn’t go back to its original color. It was red right now.

I bit my lower lip and looked at my hand. An evil smile formed on my lips. I couldn’t only use it if there was someone who could see me. But what if no one? I could use it. They would never know. Mama would never know.

I wanted to learn more about how to use this gift that I have. I couldn’t use it here inside my room. I might set our house on fire.

I decided to go to a nearby forest. No one will see me there.

I ran towards the forest and found a perfect spot making sure no one would notice that I was in here.

I was startled and stopped when I heard the cracking sound of the dried leaves being stepped by. I roamed my eyes in the surrounding, trying to check if there was someone in the forest aside from me.

My eyes widened and I immediately hid in one of the trees when I saw a suspicious man lurking a couple of meters away from where I was. They were two of them. They dress differently compared to the people in our town and I was pretty sure that they were not from here.

The other guy kept on looking everywhere like trying to check if there were other people aside from them in the forest.

“Ne quis es certus est hic?”

“Ita vero.”

My brows furrowed. What were they talking about? They were talking in a language that I couldn’t understand.

My eyes widened when I accidentally stepped on the dried leaves. I saw how the other men turned to my side while his brows furrowed but good thing that I immediately hid right away. I covered my mouth and held my breath.

“Quid erat illud?”

“Sicut ventus erat.”

I heard them talking again. I tried to take a peek at them but I was surprised when I could no longer see where they were. They just vanished. I roamed my eyes to find them but they were gone.

they just

if they were from our kingdom. But I was sure that they are not from Scala Town.

one of the Higher Council? If they were one of them,

running through my mind. Those two men

gone, I went out and tried to find another spot. I went farther

and bushes that would cover me. It was also

my finger and the fire came out right away

and it was right in front of me. The sound was coming from the bush. My eyes widened when the bush

remembered where I was. I

thing that jumped in front of me. I sighed in relief when I saw a hare crouching beneath me. It

“Hey there little thing. You just scared me there.” I tried to touch it but

lot of animals in the

It was where the hare just ran off.

fire bigger and make it last for a couple of minutes. But sadly, it would die right away. I want to make it last

And I almost gave up. But then after a couple

And because of my recklessness, I didn’t notice that

on the ground. The smoke from the burning leaves was already clouding a small

out of the fire in my hand and tried to stop the burning leaves from

Ayesha! What

eyes widened as I saw how the fire

You need to

ran fast going out of the forest. I tried to run to another route which was closer to our house and I was sure that

so fast. I didn’t dare to look back. I kept on running until I got into the back of

panting really hard and beads

I turned around and looked at the forest. I gasped when I saw how the fire engulfs it and as the black


I was crying and trembling in the corner of

have you done,

stubborn. I didn’t listened to my mama. She already warned me to never used it at any cost,

I was so


out from the forest? And then they would report me

What would happen to me?


room suddenly opened with a banged. I saw my mama bursting inside while panting heavily. She looked

Mama,” I cried. She looked at me

she said and I burst out crying.


was successfully stopped by the Higher Council’s people. Almost half of the forest was burned and

that it might be me who did it.

after an hour and

“You’re not allowed to go out from now on,” she ordered while looking at me with a

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