Avenger's coming back

Chapter 368 Find Evidence

Eric waited outside the Gu's house for nearly twenty minutes before he saw Ellison's familiar car.

The car stopped in front of Eric. Ellison and Hailey got off almost at the same time. One got off the driver's seat, and the other got off the passenger's seat.

Hailey wore casual clothes. It was not cold or hot. She wore a beige loose sweater and a pair of black trousers, which wrapped her slender and straight long legs very eye-catching, and a pair of black casual shoes with floral prints.

With her soft and straight black hair, she looked so beautiful in this dress.

The two of them were on a date, but Eric called them, so they had to come. Therefore, at this moment, Ellison's face was very unhappy.

"What happened? Why did you ask Hailey to come in such a hurry?"

Eric knew that he was in a bad mood. It was strange that he could be in a good mood if he was interrupted, but he had no choice.

He looked at him with his deep eyes and said, "My grandfather passed away."

"What?" Ellison and Hailey widened their eyes at the same time, their faces full of disbelief.

Soon, Hailey reacted, "No wonder you said it was a matter of life and death on the phone."

No matter how unhappy Ellison was, he couldn't show it at the moment. He reached out and patted on Eric's shoulder, comforting him silently.

"You want me to help you investigate the cause of your grandfather's death?" Hailey asked.

Eric nodded, "Come with me."

After saying that, he turned around and walked forward. Ellison and Hailey looked at each other and followed him.

Eric didn't take them to the front door, but through the back door.

Now Simon and Frank were still there, worrying that they would see it. According to what Jarvis said in the hospital, they sent Wayne to the hospital, so they were at home at that time and were also suspected.

After entering the back garden from the back door, Eric led them straight to the steps where Jarvis found Wayne.

"He found my grandfather here." He pointed at that place and said to Hailey.

"Okay." Hailey nodded. At this moment, she seemed to have entered the mode of investigation. She frowned slightly, with a serious expression on her face, and observed the ground with her eyes.

wrong. "Do you suspect that

a heart attack some time ago, but it was only when he was stimulated. Today in the

said, Ellison also frowned. Although it had nothing to do with him, he naturally felt that it had something to do with himself

observed the ground with the naked eye. Then she stood straight, pointed at the winter tree and said, "The dead fell here. I guess he wanted to climb back to his room for help, but he lost his strength when he climbed to

"I have seen

any other clue here except this," Hailey frowned and continued, "The scene is too simple. Except for

we can't find out the real murderer?" Eric's face darkened.

glanced at him and smiled, "Don't worry. Let's first check the place where the dead went today, and then we will go to see

Ellison, who was thinking about something, suddenly raised his head and said, "Dear, we can find some clues from the footprints on the ground. We should be able to find out who grandpa saw before he died, and this person is the

to call you idiot. There are so many footprints here. Do you think it will be useful to collect them?

we can find the footprints

at him and then looked at Eric, "Do you

we can only monitor the

or other people you know who came to your house during

turned around

If there was an outsider, it meant that this person was highly suspicious; if there was no outsider, it

main monitor was in the study. After Eric took them to the study, he opened the monitor screen, which was the time he left with Richard

was normal outside the Gu's house. The surveillance video showed that there were passers-by or cars, and no strangers came in. What's more, the servants went out to buy food and

video didn't stop until they drove Wayne to the hospital.

"I guess it's the people in this house who

in agreement with Hailey.

thinking for a while, he said, "I have thought about

you find his phone?"

paused and shook his

to his room and



out the key and opened it. After letting Hailey in, he and

the light was not very good. Hailey turned on the light as

light was on, the room was much better.

observed the room. She was called here on a date, so she didn't have time to wear her special gloves. Therefore, she could only see it with her eyes, and

to find evidence. If she touched evidence directly without

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