Avenger's coming back

Chapter 362 Nervous Richard

"I'm fine." Sam said with a smile, "But I'm really busy recently. The development of the Guan city is urgent. We have to make full use of the geographical resources here. We need to bring this city into line with the international market as soon as possible, develop the economy, increase the employment rate, and solve the employment problem of the people here."

"Okay." Morgan nodded and said, "You always put so much effort on it. The state affairs are more important than anything else. It's a blessing for the people of the Guan city to have a leader like you."

"Teacher, I'm not as good as 1/10 of what you used to be. I didn't forget that you had forgotten to eat and sleep when you were working."

"That was in the past. I tried my best, but now I can't do it anymore." Trent shook his head and said, "But now I'm free and retired. I can walk around all day long to relax."

"It's time to relax. By the way, where is your wife? Why didn't she come with you?"

"She didn't come with me because she couldn't forget the trifles at home and she was not in good health." Speaking of this, Morgan turned to look at Eric and said, "She have been talking about you all the time. They have never seen you before. Next time when you go back, you have to see her, or she will blame me."

Eric raised his eyebrows subconsciously and nodded, "I remember, uncle."

Wife… It was the first time for him to hear this name, but he had to listen to it.

"And you, Noble." Then he turned to look at Noble. "It's been a long time since you visited her last time. She keeps talking at home every day. In recent years, you've become more and more lazy, and you don't even call me often."

He seemed to complain, but there was a bit of pampering in his tone.

"I thought you only cared about Eric." "It's really my fault that I haven't visited her in the past few years. When the company's affairs are not so busy, I will definitely visit her."

"How old are you? Why are you still jealous?"

"I'm not jealous. Uncle, tell me. You have talked about Eric in the past few days when you came to the Guan city. When he is with you, you can always talk to him. When he is not around, you can always ask me something about him… Are you unfair?"

It sounded like a complaint, but there was a faint sense of coquetry in his words.

"Okay, okay. I ignored you, okay?" Morgan smiled helplessly. Then he turned to Sam and said, "They are really… None of them is easy to deal with."

Just now, Sam had seen the interaction between them. Seeing that Morgan said so, he smiled and responded, "This is your fortune. Many people can't expect it."

"Yes." All of a sudden, Morgan sighed with emotion. He glanced at both Noble and Eric, but then rested his eyes on Eric for a few more seconds. "There are so many children in the hall and each of them has extraordinary achievements. Many people are envious of them."

About half an hour later, Sam asked the waiter to serve the dishes.

about official business or the prospect of the future of the Guan city, but they didn't mention anything about the

the greetings, they left.

against the back of the seat, closed his eyes and took a nap. "You have seen the people you should meet today. What will

was focusing on driving.

the same time,

"He won't show it obviously, but at least he looks familiar.

listened and didn't reply, but they knew clearly in their hearts.

opened his eyes, turned his head slightly to look at Eric, and said, "Make an arrangement.

mentioned this question today. He had to arrange it as soon as possible. "I'll go back to

to come with us. Don't tell me that I want to

know, uncle."

back seat through the rearview mirror, Noble, who was driving, said, "Let's settled in DC, and it's quiet

say anything immediately, but turned to look at Morgan.

and then asked, "Is that

"Yes, a quiet place."

it's settled at DC." After saying that, Morgan closed his eyes

didn't say anything more. Noble focused on driving.

on Wednesday, which was the second day

was the first time for Richard

up with the Sun family in order to marry him, there was no one from the Sun family at the wedding. Therefore, this was

this person was not really his father-in-law, he had

at himself in front of the mirror, tidied up his clothes, and looked at his face

shook his head helplessly. It was the first time

anymore. It's good." Eric couldn't help

at him. He pulled his clothes and touched his chin. "How about this dress? Is there anything

turned to look at Angela, "If you don't believe me, you

Richard also looked at Angela.

affirmative answer, and then smiled, "It's the first time. Don't worry.

is the first time I've seen a member of your family. Anyway, I have to leave a good impression." After saying that, he turned around and looked at

but it was not his fault. When he met the family of girl, although he

forward and held his arm. "It's time to go out. We can't let him wait. It's time for us

late now. We should go there. Perhaps Noble and uncle have gone." Eric echoed.

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