Attracted By My Ex-wife

Chapter 544 The Duel On Mount YS (Part One)

"Anne is my wife, my life partner. She is my woman. She should spend her entire life in my company. But because of this wretched Kim, she has had to leave!

Peter, you haven't been through anything this warped before! You won't be able to understand my sense of self blame and helplessness. As a man, I have been declawed and cannot protect my own wife. Do you know how impotent that makes me feel?

I am untouchable in the business world! It should be the same with my dealings with Kim!

This time, I will end these issues once and for all with him. That way, he will never be able to hurt us in any way after that.

I know that, as it stands, I have no chance in winning against Kim in a ten-paces-and-turn death duel. But this is the only way that I will be done with Kim. So I have called you to tell me how to kill him with one shot!" Kevin said this all without taking a single breath.

Indeed, he was pained, greatly pained by everything happening.

From the moment Kim had reappeared in their lives, he had found himself in a hellish abyss, along with terrible, torturous thoughts. Only when Kim was gone for good would he be able to feel even a glimmer of happiness again.

So he needed to ensure this was the last time, that this would be the final solution to their ongoing problems with Kim.

Peter frowned and let out a heavy sigh. "Both of us cannot even compare to Kim when it comes to shooting and duelling skills. We look completely useless next to his high level of prowess."

However, this just made it much more difficult to think of a solution in dealing with Kim with finality.

Kevin's mind was in a mess, his thoughts tangled into a knotted bunch. He really could not think of a viable remedy.

"No... It is too dangerous. Anne won't agree if she finds out though!" Peter continued. He was depressed about the situation.

Kim was highly skilful at ten-paces-and-turn duels. Defeating them would be child's play for him. How could they ever have any chance of defeating him?

in this kind of duel would be

remember that if you die, how could Anne live without you? And you can't make such a rash decisions

with exasperation. He had already considered what Peter

could never ensure

only choice,

is set for tomorrow just after midday. We still have time to find

haste. We—" Peter realized he was talking to no one. Kevin had cut the call. He roared in frustration and flung

exhausted, ready to hit

his eyes to finally have some rest, the image of the mountain appeared on the

only one person could survive in a duel of this kind, and if he were forced to pick

was still just an ordinary man. How could he possibly come up with a

every light in the Fu Family's residence was turned off. But

chair with a gaunt

that the moment Kim managed to force Anne out of A city, he would make a

really had not expected

to accept the result much more easily

managed to defeat Kim in this duel. Perhaps there was no chance even of him surviving. But he knew that he had to live on for the sake of his wife and kids.

no choice but to think of a solution!

again. After hearing the state of affairs. Sam also advised him not to act rashly. Kevin listened in rapt attention, asked Sam to still keep thinking of solutions, and then

work. The more people thinking about possible remedies, the more likely they would find one. Between the two of them, surely

outside, forlorn. A faint, sad smile appeared on his

at the same moment, Anne woke up abruptly from a horrific nightmare. Her clothes were soaked in

took in the unfamiliar surroundings. She couldn't help placing a distressed hand to her forehead. She had realized she

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