Attracted By My Ex-wife

Chapter 537 Give Colin Back To Them (Part Two)

Kevin clasped Anne's hand and nodded in agreement.

Kim was a smart man. He was aware of Anne's weakness, but they would never let him succeed this time.

Anne was ready to sacrifice her life to protect her family. She would never let Kim anywhere near them.

"Anne, I want you to stop worrying about Kim. I have the ability to protect everyone, trust me. Don't think about anything and just stay with me. Kim is trying to scare you. You have to be calm now. Do you understand?" Kevin interlaced his fingers with Anne's and stared into her eyes. "We need you. Not only me but our three children as well. So don't think about anything else!"

Anne nodded and threw herself into Kevin's arms. The Fu Family was where she belonged. She would never leave her husband and children.

'Kim, you can't tear us apart!' Anne thought.

In the meantime, the wind was howling on the rooftop.

Kim, dressed in a black windbreaker, almost blended with the darkness. An evil grin crept onto his face as he looked at the moon.

Darkness was the color of the night; there shouldn't be even a spark of light. He believed that the existence of the moon was redundant.

Kim's face turned cold as he heard the thumping of footsteps. He involuntarily grabbed the gun on his waist.

"Boss." Kim's body visibly relaxed as he heard the familiar voice.

He unclasped his fingers from the gun and turned to look back. Brandon was standing with an evil grin on his face.

He was no longer the gentle boy he used to be.

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shoulder. "Good. But you can't afford

will never ruin your plans." Brandon smiled at Kim. His eyes shone with admiration

his plans seemed to work. But he had a sense of foreboding that something would go wrong and his plan would get ruined at

by staying with Kevin? Don't you care about your loved ones? You belong here,

the Fu Family!"

I will take care of everything." Brandon

he stopped and turned to look at Brandon. "Peter

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Brandon bowed

Brandon was a young man, Kim had faith in him. He knew that the boy would execute all

morning, Peter called

at home with Anne.

guarding the place. It is risky for me to go on my own. Bring some bodyguards or police with you.

excitedly, "I'll bring someone right

Kevin to follow him. The man hesitated for a moment and finally said, "Anne, inform everyone that

didn't have the strength to face Colin because she was the reason for all his problems. She was afraid that

sigh of relief and

slumped on the sofa and closed her eyes. Tears trickled down her cheeks when she opened them

wanted, Kim? I am in pain right

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