Attracted By My Ex-wife

Chapter 535 Come To Hell With Me

Kim's face broke into an ecstatic grin. He looked as if Anne's pain and sufferings were the greatest achievements of his life.

Anne's eyes were fixed on Colin's pale face. She saw Brandon walking to the man and pressing a knife on his neck. Colin remained still without showing any reaction. Brandon sneered and grabbed Colin's hand. Before Anne could react, he stabbed the man's hand with the knife. Colin cried in pain.

A pool of blood gushed out. The mere sight of it made Anne sick; she couldn't watch it anymore.

How could they torture Colin like this?

"How do you feel now? Does it hurt?" Kim asked, glaring at him. "This is just the beginning!"

Colin was the first one Kim targeted in order to revenge himself on Anne. If the man had tortured Colin so much, what would he do to the rest?

Anne couldn't watch the people she loved and cared for suffer. Kim targeted all the closed ones in her life. She couldn't stop blaming herself if everyone suffered because of her.

Salty tears trickled down her cheeks and fell into her mouth.

Unable to witness Kim's madness anymore, Anne turned back and smiled at him. "Kim, I am here! You can do whatever you want. Kill me if you want, but stop hurting the people around me. Release Colin. He is innocent. I'm the one who hurt and disobeyed you, so kill me instead!"

she roared in frustration.

However, her screams got muffled in loud music from the speakers downstairs. No one had a clue about what was going on.

Kim looked at her expressionlessly. He enjoyed watching the desperation and sorrow in her eyes. The man finally tasted the joy of revenge and wanted more. "Anne, you look so beautiful when you are angry. It turns me on."

Kim got a strange sense of happiness watching her suffer. He wanted to drag Anne to hell and relish every inch of her beauty when she screamed and cried.

'Anne, I have been in hell for a long time. It is time for you to accompany me!'

"What do you want me to do? Tell me! What the hell do you need from me?" Anne grabbed Kim's collar and began shaking him violently. "What should I do so that you leave us alone?"

Kim knitted his brows and stared into her eyes. He didn't think that Anne would be stupid enough to believe that he would let her go.

How would he be happy if he didn't get to torture her?

"It's too late. Everything is over. We have no chance to start over, Anne. So stop struggling!" Kim hissed through his teeth. His bloodshot eyes and tense face frightened Anne. He grabbed her shoulder, almost crushing her bones.

The sharp pain brought Anne back to her senses. But she had become numb. She stood motionless as the man continued to stare at her.

"Anne, do you really want to protect the people around you?" Kim finally spoke after a long pause.

Anne's gaze flicked to the man. There was a spark of hope in her tired eyes. She nodded eagerly. "Yes. I am ready to do anything if you let them go!"

Nothing mattered as long as the people around her were safe. She was ready to risk her own life to protect her loved ones.

"What if I ask you to give up everything in A City and come with me somewhere far from this place and its people?" Kim's voice was still as cold as before.

couldn't understand

husband, Kevin, and just everything. Come with me to a place where no one knows you so that we can start a new life. Cut

her head fiercely. "They are my life. They are the reason

again. He took a deep breath and stared at her; anger

you don't care if I take my revenge on

bit her lip as a shiver ran down

that Kevin is a powerful man in the city. But don't think that you can protect everyone at all times. How long will you lock them in your house and protect them from me? They might have to step out one day or the other. Will you hire bodyguards and ask them to follow your family everywhere?" Kim scoffed. "Are you going to keep your children at your house and make sure they never go to school or contact

face turned pale. She didn't think that he would make

to leave everything behind and go with

from dying. She couldn't imagine

me so much, Kim?" Anne looked up at the sky as tears clouded her vision. "In the beginning, you only wanted to use me to get money from the Fu Family so that you can solve your financial problems.


and property, why don't you just ask for it? Why are you treating me like this?" Anne shook her head and continued. "I thought that

still alive? Why do you have to

Her body was seething with

his eyes and took a deep breath. Anne was right; he had kidnapped her only for the money. But he didn't know why he had

it! Loving you is torture. I have lost everything because of you. My underworld empire was destroyed, and I almost died in

even know who I am anymore. Everything is because I have

her head and scoffed. This was the biggest joke of the century. Tears continued to

exasperation. "Do you even know what love is? A man like you can never fall in love with anyone. Don't say

He finally took a deep breath to suppress

There was no point

in the first place. But he knew that his life would

he would fall in love with Anne, he would have killed her

had no choice but to torture

I don't want to talk to you anymore. You better think about what I said. I don't have the energy to explain myself." Kim turned on

took a step back. The menacing look on his face frightened her. The man looked like

evil smile crept onto his lips. "Anne, you are a smart woman.

cackled like a maniac and

his laughter

Kevin and her children that she would

broke her promises.

you anything," she shouted. "I won't give you what you need. Don't expect me to do as you say and stop chasing after me!" Anne shouted. There was no logic behind her words. Perhaps

to answer her. His mouth twisted in a

words if

with her for two years. He knew her weakness.

you are coming to hell soon. I

the sight of Anne's swollen face. He knew that she had been crying. "Anne, don't cry! I will

swept Anne into a tight embrace and vowed

she felt safe. The smell of Kevin's cologne and the warmth of his hug comforted her. She couldn't and would

her that he would always be

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