Attracted By My Ex-wife

Chapter 534 Vengeance

"If you wanted to deal with Kevin and me, you should have just come straight to us. There was no need to involve an innocent party. Colin was completely innocent. For what reason did you hurt him?" Anne's voice quivered with fury.

What she despised and also feared most in her life was the involvement of innocent people in her affairs. There was no reason to involve Colin in this - yet he had inadvertently become part of the mess and got hurt for no reason.

Colin was an up and coming businessman with a stellar future ahead of him. However, he had been kidnapped and tortured by Kim.

She had never imagine that such a thing would happen just because of his proximity to them.

'Bastard!' she thought aggressively.

"Brandon, please tell Kim not to torture or hurt Colin in any way. Otherwise, I will ensure I catch him and make him pay," Anne said through gritted teeth.

Brandon sneered. "Ms. Anne, what are you getting so worked up for? It was just one finger. It's not a big deal. We could have broken his limbs and killed him - but for your sake, we didn't."

With a murderous scowl on her face, Anne whipped her hand up to slap him across the face. But he was too fast for her. He grabbed her wrist, stopping her dead in her tracks.

"Ms. Anne, I have been a very loyal employee of my boss for many years. If you beat me, I assure you that it is in my power to do as I please to Colin as revenge," Brandon threatened her directly.

"Bastard!" Grinding her teeth, Anne said softly and menacingly, "If you dare hurt him, I will not let you leave this place alive."

Brandon smiled. He didn't take her threats seriously.

"Ms. Anne, in all honesty, I admire your character." Raising his eyebrows slightly, Brandon continued, "I might as well let you in on something. If you go up to the rooftop right now, you'll be sure to find my boss there.

Besides, you will be able to see him, but you won't be able to spot all our men surrounding him. If Kevin also goes up there - in all honesty, he may not be able to make it back.

If you really want Colin to stop suffering, you'd better get on your hands and knees and beg my boss for his mercy. After all, Colin's life lies in his hands alone."

Anne was taken aback. Kim was on the rooftop at this very moment.

'How bold is this man?' she thought perplexed.

Today was the celebration of the mayor's daughter's birthday. Many influential people from all over the city were gathered in this building...and Kim was unknowingly above them.

This was really astonishing. Kim was really intrepid.

Kevin sensed something was wrong. With his quick reflexes, he instantly held Eliza around her waist, twirled around gracefully and came to Anne's side.

Seeing this, Brandon sneered and pushed Anne out of his arms. Seeing this, Kevin quickly let Eliza go in the same manner.

Kevin caught Anne without missing a beat, as did Brandon catch Eliza.

"What's wrong?" Kevin asked softly, noting the distressed look on Anne's face.

Taking a step back, she broke loose of Kevin's arms and looked back at Brandon. Brandon held Eliza close to him and whispered discretely into her ear. He did not look even a shadow of the vicious, vile man he was moments ago. Instead, he looked like an innocent young man whispering sweet nothings to his lady.

a master in the art of camouflage.

took hold of Kevin's hand and pulled him off the dance floor.

They found a quiet spot. "Kevin, listen to me carefully. Kim is on the

expression changed in a flash. "How dare he!"

quickly and firmly. She repeated everything Brandon had just told her. Hearing her account,

was that Kim would only meet Anne --

could he not worry that Kim would be up to no good?

her. Kevin couldn't be sure of whether Kim had given up on her or not. But if he let

held her hand and said sternly, "I will never let

"I'm just going to the rooftop to see Kim. There won't be any danger. He has no means to take me

would not have been careless with security. There was a barrage of bodyguards

he was not stupid enough to try and pull a stunt at such a gathering.

that Anne made a good argument, yet still

I'll come back safe and sound for you and the kids! I absolutely hate being away from you even for a moment," she said with a flirty smile. She

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but after a moment, he sighed. He turned and left

extremely worried about her was an understatement of note. He would not let Kim get a

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matter. Kim was not

from a waitron, Anne made her way

up the ends of his hair ever so slightly. His face was hidden from view. But the towering, looming

heart race. Anne closed her eyes for a moment in an attempt to

the same time. They had so much history between the two of them. Who could actually list the many

as she walked across the rooftop flooring. The figure ahead did

at his sharp profile, she frowned ever so

been a long time..." Anne

never have had the

she opened her mouth to respond. But

during waking hours even if one thought of the worst scenarios possible. If she had her way, she would want him to

in front of her now, in the flesh

-- you asked Brandon to speak to me specifically as a ploy to get me to come up here. What do

evil cackle which made her hair stand on end. She

turned around quickly, and grasped her by the shoulder. To her surprise, they were now looking directly at

what happened

she unceremoniously pushed his hand off her shoulder and responded icily, "If you sought vengeance, you should have come straight at me. What's the need

one of his vile, bone-chilling cackles. "You're right. But I am well aware that you are compassionate and care deeply for the welfare of others. I am just attacking

her teeth in fury.

for a little while. If I make innocent people pay for what you did, you will suffer mental anguish

I would have left this city and disappeared from your life forever... But you let me

did not love him. No matter what psychotic and cruel behavior he displayed, no matter what he did, it did not change the fact

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