At Your Disposal, Madam

Chapter 76You're the First Girl Jamie Took Home

Jane supported her arm. She cannot move her sight out of Jamie as if her eyes were attract the black hole of Jamie’s eyes.

"Jamie, Why am I here?"

Jamie was looking at her, “Of course you come back with me. I asked you yesterday whether you were going back to school or with me, and you chose to come home with me."

Yesterday's memory of Jane suddenly came back.

She drank too much wine, as soon as she saw Jamie, she pounced on him.

Then they returned home to Jamie’s, and about what they did afterwards, she was not quite sure.

But it was certain that Jamie kissed her many times yesterday.

Jane felt her cheek burning.

When she about to get up, Jamie kissed her.

When they were apart, Jane's face was so hot that she could boil an egg.

Jane got out of bed, and found her clothes have been changed.

She did not have the courage to ask Jamie who had changed her clothes.

Jamie said behind her, “Jane, your clothes are in the cloakroom. I had some sent last night, and I will buy more for you."

Jane turned around and asked, "Why do you prepare clothes for me?"

Jamie said, “Later when you have no class, come to live here."

Jane stammered after hearing that, "Who said I was coming to live with you?"

Jamie shook his head. It seemed that the little girl would be clingy after she was drunk.

As soon as she sobered up, she denied it.

When Jane went downstairs, maid Geneva Chang had done breakfast.

the stairs, Geneva immediately

hand and

smiled, indicating

Sometimes he lives in the old

hurriedly said, “Geneva, you

to eat. I just cooked two

to work in the

the footsteps, saw

his silver grey shirt and black suit

a look at Jamie. Her face suddenly was

was moved, he stretched out a hand gently to pinch Jane's

Jamie. Her

now like to

and said,

a plate with a pumpkin sesame cake

"Young madam, taste this."

knew yesterday that Jamie had

she should like to eat some delicious food, so today she made a special cake. The cake was so

in the

politely said to Geneva, "Geneva, thank

looked beautiful, the voice was sweet. Geneva liked

occasionally brought some friends, such as Seth. But this

can't wait to tell the Old

eating wonton, Geneva's


packed up and said, “I

hurriedly said, “No need, I go

his hand and touched her head, saying, “Come on, Jamie

took the car keys, holding Jane's hand, said, “Let's

dry but warm. Jane was a bit nervous, only feeling palm a

left, and then just excitedly took the mobile phone to call the

Lo got up in the morning, she found that

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