An Eight-year-old Princess

Chapter 1226 True Or False

Qian Zhuo's eyes were full of unconcealed curiosity, but Yun Shang suddenly kept her in suspense. "You'll know soon."

Qian Zhuo wanted to ask more, but Yun Shang raised her index finger and said in silence, " Someone may be eavesdropping."

"Ah..." Qian Zhuo understood what Yun Shang meant. She looked around and said in a low voice, "Then why did you tell me there was something special in the prescription just now? The two of us are not very good at Kung Fu. If there is someone who is good at prying into information hiding around, we may not know. If anyone knows this, all your plans will be in vain, won't they? "

Yun Shang, however, had an unfathomable expression on her face. "Some is true and some is not. Mix them together. Then the false thing may become true."

"……" Qian Zhuo raised her hand and rubbed her forehead. Her face was full of helplessness. "Your majesty, I'm going to faint. Well, I'm not smart enough. It's better not to ask."

The smile in Yun Shang's eyes grew wider. But when she suddenly thought of Luo Qingyan and Chengye, her smile faded again.

"Although the mansion is quiet and comfortable with beautiful scenery around, it's not a place to stay. I hope I can leave earlier."

Qian Zhuo nodded, pursed her lips and said, "No matter how good the environment is, it's not a good place."

"Hmm..." Yun Shang chuckled, "It's not a good place."

At dusk, Ming Qi brought the medicine to Yun Shang.

"Madam, have a look. Are those herbs what you wanted?" With a hint of complacency in his eyes, Ming Qi said, "It's hard to find some of the herbs. But fortunately, I have several drug stores so that I've got all of them."

Yun Shang smiled, stood up and took the medicine bag. She opened it and checked the medicine carefully. "It's exactly what I want. Thank you very much."

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"That would be great."

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Yun Shang smiled, "Herbs."

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Qian Zhuo returned with the medicine.

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