Chapter 348
The entanglement in between the lips and teeth became more and more intense to the point where even the surrounding air became much thinner.
It was as if everything in the surrounding had been blurred where the two could only see each other in their eyes
After the kiss ended, Tessa was nearly short of breath as her lips were swollen in the aftermath. She was gasping as she lay in Nicholas’ arms with the feeling that all of her energy had been depleted.
Similarly, Nicholas was doing no better than Tessa. His handsome face was scrunched up under the twilight as he was holding back while the brightness of his pair of black eyes shocked her.
Tightening his grip on Tessa’s waist, Nicholas looked as if he wanted to knead her into his body.
After a long while, the two finally calmed their pumped up emotions.
However, she was still in his arms.
Grabbing Nicholas’ one hand, Tessa interlocked all their fingers together, which made them look matching
“Have you been missing me all these days?”
Raising her head, she looked at his clean jaw with her dewy eyes.
While slightly lowering his eyes, he replied in a low and deep voice, “Of course I miss you. And you?”

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