Chapter 347
Tessa was also extremely patient with Gregory as she took out the toys that she usually bought for him.
When he saw these toys, he was overjoyed. “Miss Tessa, I love you to bits!”
With that, he ran into her arms. His little head was brushing against Tessa’s chest, and his cute voice was filled with a delightful tone.
Tessa tightly hugged Gregory and a radiant smile was seen across her palm-sized face. “Greg, I like you very much too.”
The two were glued to each other as they laughed while sitting on the couch.
Meanwhile, Nicholas sat on the sidelines and accompanied them while his gentle gaze landed on both Gregory and Tessa.
The ceiling lights had portrayed a scene where they were a happy family and it made people elated.
It was much later that Gregory became exhausted from playing. Then, he leaned against Tessa and went to sleep in a daze.
“I’ll carry him into the room first,” Tessa whispered to Nicholas.

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