Chapter 346
At once, Nicholas received Tessa’s warning look. Since he did not want her to be embarrassed, he coughed lightly and explained, “I mean, I just arrived and haven’t paid my visit yet.”
Unexpectedly, as soon as these words came out of his mouth, Gregory yelled at him, “Daddy, you lied! You obviously stayed with Miss Tessa the last time you were on a business trip!”
When Timothy heard Gregory’s words, his gaze instantly turned peculiar. “Tess, are you two…”
Timothy bit back the words he wanted to say, but his gaze shifted back and forth between Tessa and Nicholas. The meaning of his action was self-evident.
It felt that her head seemed to have exploded with a bang before her face and ears were in the shade of crimson red.
“Tim, listen to my explanation. Although he stayed here for two days, he slept on the couch while I was resting in the room. Nothing happened between us.”
Tessa tried to explain to Timothy. However, it didn’t have a great effect because it instead gave him the vibe that she wanted to cover up for something.
An awkward Timothy said, “Tess, this is your private matter. You don’t need to explain it to me.”
As she held Gregory in the silence, she felt extremely stuffy. It’s as clear as day that Tim has misunderstood.
The furious Tessa then glared at Nicholas in anger. Her gaze seemed to be scolding him for ruining her innocent reputation in front of her brother. Nicholas! Look at what you’ve done!

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