Alpha's Virgin Wife

Alpha's Virgin Wife

Authors:Baby Charlene
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Chapter 216

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Sobs racked her throat.

"My child has nothing to do with this.... please, don't hurt her...."

"Your daughter has EVERYTHING to do with this!" A lightening cracked the sky as Lura spoke angrily.

"Your daughter, Ayita, is a curse. She became a curse the very day you mated with one of our enemies and begat her. You broke one of our sacred rules, Ayita, and you and your hybrid daughter has to pay for it!"

"She won't be a problem... I've made sure of that. Please Lura, you have to listen to me....."

"You're a witch, Ayita; one of our best. You shouldn't have fallen for an enemy and worst, have a child for him. You disappointed me".

"No, please..."

"Talking time is over, Ayita!" Her roar caused another crack in the sky.

The men chasing Ayita had already gotten to the spot and all stopped to watch.

"As the Queen of the Oceanic Witches of the West, I hereby sentence you, Ayita and your daughter, to death" she stretched out her hand towards her direction and that was the moment Ayita knew her life would come to an end - if she didn't do a thing.

There was only thing she could do - fighting Lura. But with the poison in her system, using her powers would definitely drain and kill her. But her baby.... she had no choice.

So, just when Lura was about using the wand, Ayita let out a loud scream - one that caused a thunderstorm this time around.

The vibration cracked the sky and quaked the trees around, Lura was taken abacked.

"Ayita!!!!!!" She roared the name in agony and quickly released the powers from her wand, but it was already too late as a howling wind swept her off her feet, took her so far, she cut a tree off it's root before crashing along with it.

The men around were not left out as the wind also howled them away.

No one would survive that; Ayita was certain

And few minutes later, after the scream, the entire place became still and calm. It was so calm; only the perkings of the crickets could be heard, and the sharp cry of the little one.

Ayita could feel the strength departing from her already - every single strength, her hand could barely hold her little one beside her.

"I love you, baby...." She muttered weakly and finally.

She heard someone whispered : “Take the baby. Don’t let anyone know she is the next........”

her eyes went close in sleep.


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