Alpha Blake

Chapter 32 Primords Pack

  Third Person POV

  Selene had fallen asleep after countless times trying to bust the window bars open. After a few hours, she had no longer cared the silver bars were burning her skin. All she wanted was to run to his side. She tried hitting it with her feet, pushing the damn bars with her bare hands. Pinning her entire body against the bars....nothing worked!

  Eight long and excruciating hours had gone by. Her mind was a complete whirl of torment. She was determined, and she was far from giving up. But all her efforts and frustration were beginning to wear her out. 

  The tears in her eyes kept pouring out, relentlessly staining her cheeks, all the way to her shirt. Her hair sticking to her face, moistened by her tears.

  "Fuck!!! Come on!!! Blake, please? You can't do this to me." She let her body fall on her knees, covering her face with the sides of her hands to muffle her cries.



  I sat by the window sill. My face feels rough from the countless tears fresh and old on my cheeks. This stupid knot refuses to leave my throat. I feel a heavy burden and emptiness inside of me. 

  "I have to do something. I have to get out of here. I need to make sure Blake and Ty are ok. Momma, please help! Goddess please? Carrie!....please..... someone help me get out!" I whisper. My knees bent as I wrapped my arms around them.

  The sudden faint sound of my phone suddenly startled me. I raised my head towards it... "My phone!!! Why the fuck didn't I think of my stupid phone!?" I quickly grab it and looked at the screen. It had a notification from James and Caleb.

  James where the fuck are you? Already here!

  Caleb Hey boss! We're here. Don't see you anywhere! We're still doing this right?

  I quickly dialed James' number. It rang twice before he picked up and placed his phone on speaker.

  "Hey man! Where are you? We've been out here for over twenty minutes!" He sounded annoyed. Just like me, he hates having to wait.

  "There's a problem with that James!"