Alpha Blake

Chapter 22 No Mercy For Treason-1


  I closed my eyes, channeling my anger. All along, I saw Jazmin as a good friend. It never crossed my mind, she would be the one to betray me.

  I knelt on my knees, the tears ran down my eyes. "Why Jazzy? Why? How could you do this to me? To your own pack?"

  She chuckled, her sword was held high over her head. She readied herself to strike me. "Why? Because I hate you! I hate that stupid pack, for treating me as if I didn't exist. Even when you tried being invincible at school, everyone always talked about you. Everyone admired stupid Selene, the pretty and mysterious loner. No matter how hard I tried, no one ever paid attention to me. That was until I met Miranda. She belonged to this pack, the Crescent Moon. We met the year before we were recruited to leave for training with Coelhelm. We hit it off perfectly, she was my best friend. But then you came along. You ruined everything....and then, to top it off, You failed...You were supposed to protect her. Instead, you got her killed, and for that, you must die as well."

  "And what about my brother huh? And your baby? Aren't you thinking about them? What's gonna happen to both after you kill me, huh? Do you really think you can walk away unharmed for your treason to our pack?" I tried to reason with her, in reality, I was just, stalling. 

  She chuckled, "Oh please! Do you really think I wanted to be mated to Tyler? I sprayed myself with a chemical to make him believe I was his second mate and the baby?" She lowered her sword, smiled as she softly ran her hand across her stomach. 

  "It's no lie! I am pregnant, but not by Ty." Stewart wrapped his hands around her waist, as she trailed her hand on his chest. "Stewie and I are having a baby. He or she will be the next Alpha to the Crescent Moon Pack." She smiled as she locked eyes with Alpha Stewart. Macy gasped, she was in much of a shock as I was.

  She cupped her mouth with her hands to muffle her cry. Her tears ran down her cheeks, staining the red rose cheeks. "Stewart, how could you? I'm your Luna, how could you do this to me?" She gasped for air, feeling the lump building up in her throat. 

  He chuckled evilly, gripping his hands tighter around Jazmin. He leaned closer kissing Jazmin on her lips. He took the sword from her and walked towards me.