Alpha Blake

Chapter 21 Friendly Quarrel, part 2

  Third-Party POV

  Selene and Blake stood side by side. Both hands up, knees slightly bent, back to back. Ready to fight. 

  James held his Luna, pulling her behind him, hoping she wouldn't suffer any harm from the attack.

  One by one, the warriors from the Crescent Moon, closed the circle around them. They sneered and growled as they readied for combat. Unaware of who Selene was, unaware of who James was....unaware of the true background of who Blake is! The heir to the Primordail wolves. The strongest, ruthless, most aggressive wolves in all existence. Will they be able to handle him alone?

  Alpha Stewart chuckles, an evil glare on his face. Macy stands before him. Her hand held high above her head, with her face perked up with pride. Underestimating the results that may come. She steadies her hand and waits to give the signal, giving each warrior the time to prepare themselves in position as the other members of the visiting packs make way. 

  Selene smiles, and glances at James, nodding his way. A simple gesture they both comprehend, giving assurance they have each other's back. 

  And so, Macy's hand goes down. One by one, warriors run. Some in human form, others shifting onto their wolves. The first attacker launches at Blake, as he tries to bite him, his aim is directed towards Blake's neck. But he swiftly grabs him by the throat, slamming him on the ground. He kicks him, sending him flying through the air.

  Selene catches a wolf in the air, jumping on top of him, kicking him directly on the ribs. The wolf whines as he feels the spitting pain of his ribs being broken at the impact of Selene's knee crashing down onto his ribs; Both falling on the ground as Selene swiftly lands on top of him. 

  She grins, with pride as she hears another warrior running towards her, placing her hand up to stop the warrior's blow coming to her head. She turns her body as she still has a knee pressed to the other wolf, hitting the warrior on his stomach with her other foot. James throws his body across the wolf launching at him in a  tackle maneuver.  Both falling to the ground. He jolts up quickly punching the wolf on his throat and kicking the wolf on its stomach as it falls back.

  One by one, James, Blake, and Selene swiftly overpower the warriors. Each wolf getting angrier as they are being taken down by the three visitors.

  Both Selene and James use their now-familiar tactics. Punching, kicking, and overpowering every opponent. But Blake... given his primordial dependence, and the numerous hours of self-training pays off more than well, taking down opponents as if he'd been given rag dolls to tear apart. His fighting techniques coming oh so naturally and perfect.

  He grips a warrior by his throat and launches him in mid-air, kicking him on his ribs as he falls back down, and grabbing him by the arm as he slams him on the ground. The dirt under him almost denting in as the wolf's body falls. The warrior cries for help as he feels the pain through his spine. But, Blake shows no mercy, he bends down and punches him on the face, knocking the so-called skillful warrior unconscious.