Alpha Blake

Chapter 5 Meeting With The Elders

  *****Two weeks before going to meet the allied packs.*****


  I woke up earlier than usual today. I need to meet with the pack elders today. I needed their opinion on something that has been bothering me lately. As alpha of my pack, it's my duty to maintain everything and everyone safe. I have been going through our archives lately, and there is something I just find so fascinating about learning about our own pack history... Who they were, and what they did, everything just seems so surreal and tantalizing to know about our own history. But..... The more I read, the more I realize that something isn't adding up.

  According to the archives, five years ago we had dozens of our women named warriors, but as I began counting the members we have lost and the ones still alive, we still have two women missing. They were never recorded, no name, no description.... nothing but a number count, and their gift bestowed upon them by our goddess, or, at least part of their gift... I have a feeling there's more than these puzzles missing here.

  Every time one of our pack members receives their calling, it gets recorded, whether it's to work for the pack as a warrior, a guard, a nurse, or a simple life of an omega. We even record when a person undergoes their first shifting, or when a new Luna is named, ....Everything must be recorded...

  I know a lot of packs treat their omega's like shit because they are the least important. But not in my pack, they are the most essential workers, because they are the ones that keep our living environment going. They do the essential jobs, like running the restaurants to cleaning, waitressing, etc. They deserve the same respect as the professionals in my eyes.

  I said goodbye to my wife this morning before I had to leave. Of course, I never bother telling her where I am going, because honestly, I don't like to bother her with my countless duties. I just don't think she'd be interested in the things I do.

  I arrived about ten minutes before the time of the meeting, all fifty of our elders were already present when I got there.

  I made my declarations and showed them the archives. Each one looked and questioned as they narrowed their gaze on the endless piles of documents before them. They seemed to be questioning everything among themselves, which was making me become nervous, thinking about what could be happening within my pack.

  My dad and father-in-law are now part of the elder council. I was not expecting what they were about to tell us when my dad took a stand. It seemed that no one in the council of our elders knew about the declarations he was confessing to us, and none had any idea what they had just declared.

  After they reviewed everything, and they heard my arguments, demanding answers for the two women missing; my mind went to complete shock, I was right about my suspicion all along. Why would they keep something so delicate from me? I was completely outraged.

  My dad and Chansey had never seen the darker side of me. I have always looked at them with full respect, regardless of me now being their alpha, but they were unprepared for my outburst.

  " Why didn't I know about this? As the present alpha of this pack, I had the right to know about these matters. Why would you keep this from me?" I yelled at them, I was so pissed off that they would keep matters so delicate from my knowledge.

  "Blake son, try to understand. This was a drastic decision that had to be taken at the last minute. We never meant any harm. If we had known that she was your mate we would have tried to figure a way for her to stay. We would have figured out a way to have sent someone else in her place." father said.