Alpha Asher and Lola

Alpha Asher and Lola

Authors:Jane Doe
Num Chapters:170
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Chapter 170

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"Alpha Asher" by Jane Doe is a beautiful novel with a heartbreaking love story....


would be nice to finish book. absolutely Haye when invest in story only to be left hanging. 2 different books this has happened with. dont think I'd recommend this app if this is how it works. too much money and time spent to have this happen again
I Love this book so much but I can’t wait for Lola and Asher to be back together again instead of two different places.
I feel like Asher is less and less a part of the story. I miss the interaction of his character .
Lola is getting on my damn nerves here! Why can’t she just wait, I really hope this mission will teach her a lesson and Alpha will forgive her! DO NOT allow Lola and to feel for Tristan or even look at him in a romantic way

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Alpha Asher and Lola

Alpha Asher and Lola

170 Chapters

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