After It Happened

Chapter 16: 15

17th March, 2018

Dear Danielle,

My JAMB exam results were out almost forty-eight hours ago, but I haven't checked them. If you are wondering why, it's because I'm scared. Yeah yeah I know I act like almost nothing scares me, but I'm scared about this. I need to nail this exam because my future depends on it. I can't keep on depending on Aunty Amara and Grammy forever. I can't fail my parents again.

My parents had both been doctors- two of the best in the state. They met in a medical school in America where they became friends. They were always telling me stories their college days. When they were alive they would always tell me how I would be a wonderful doctor like them and how I would study abroad like they did. They already had my life planned out, but being the best parents ever they never failed to tell me that they would support whatever I wanted to do as far as it was legal. Who would want to disappoint parents like that? So my choice in courses was not difficult to make. I would grant my late parents' wishes no matter what.