After It Happened

Chapter 14: 13

I sit at the bar simply observing having nothing else to do. Rich businessmen talking with each other. Their wives in one corner of the hall talking to my mom. You would think my mom is a celebrity or something the way they huddled around her eager to gain her attention. I scoff remembering how scared my mom was earlier. I notice Camille dragging her friend and Denise resisting. They look like they are playing a game of tug of war. Camille is dragging her towards... I follow the direction with my eyes. My mother. Why is Denise reluctant to meet her? I stare at them trying to figure out her reason. Then, it clicks. Camille knows nothing of our involvement in the past. Same goes for the whole school. My mom would ruin Denise's facade.

I smirk preparing for the drama about to unfold. Let's see how she'll pretend that she doesn't know me now.

Are you that cruel? Maybe she has her reasons.

I'm not playing the Good Samaritan this time. My stepdad comes that moment to drag me to his friends for proper introductions.

I'm standing beside my stepdad waiting as he chats with his friend. My eyes drift to Denise again. They're almost at their destination. Denise's struggles are now more frantic, but Camille is surprisingly stronger. Luckily my mom is shielded by her fans, so she can't see them.

Just help her. Just this once. Maybe this is your first step to being friends again.

I sigh excusing myself and walking towards my mother. As I pass Denise, I bend to whisper in her ear.

"Trouble in paradise?"

She flinches slightly and I chuckle lowly when she turns to give me a deep scowl.

I push through the people surrounding my mom asking to be excused before dragging her away from them. I hug her then whisper in her ear.

"Olanna is here. I need you to do something. Hide your surprise or shock or whatever. Pretend like it's your first time meeting her. I'll explain later. You could also call her aside and talk if you really want to."

My mom stares at me obviously confused and surprised. I point at Denise and she follows my finger gasping loudly when she sees her.

"She-she. Oh my God. She's here?"