Adoration At Night and Forever

Chapter 5 The Bad Guy Cheated On You

Of course, the innocent girl named Christine didn't expect that there was not only a banquet in front of her, but also a dramatic drama of her boyfriend cheating on her.

After hanging up the phone, Christine quickly turned around and ran towards the gate in brisk steps.

As soon as she arrived not far from the gate, Christine found that there was a group of people surrounding the gate.

With a closer look, she found that the master of the Luo family, Nicholas, was also among the group, but he was not the focus. It seemed that he was seeing someone important off.

Without being noticed by others, Christine sneaked out. The Luo family's villa was located in a rich area, it was difficult to get a taxi on this section of road, so she had to run for a long time.

Because it was not rush hour, the car soon arrived at the address given by Emily. After giving the money to the driver, Christine got off the car. She rushed to the Executive Hotel mentioned by Emily.

"Christine, here!" As soon as she stepped into the Executive Hotel, she heard the warm voice of Emily.

Christine turned around and looked at Emily. Before she could be happy, she was choked by the scene in front of her.

Christine couldn't understand why her boyfriend, who had just told her that he would be on a business trip for a period of time yesterday, suddenly appeared here, and he was with Emily.

Didn't he say that he would take the flight at five o'clock this morning?

Was he lying to her, so he colluded with Emily to give her a surprise?

Thinking of this possibility, Christine became extremely complacent. She happily walked towards Emily and Albert Zhuo.

"Christine, are you riding a snail? Albert Zhuo and I have been waiting for you here for more than half an hour!"