Chapter 3070

"Well, well.Look who's here?"

Lisa made her way to her door and mocked aloud.

Nancy got up right away after hearing the woman's voice.

"Oh, Ms.Barrymore.Take a seat, no need to greet me" Lisa said.

Greet her? Does she seriously think she's worthy of my respect? Nancy straightened out her clothes and squared her shoulders as she stood tall in front of the young lady.

Smack! A slap landed on the young lady's face, turning it crimson.

"Are you nuts?"

Lisa cradled her cheeks and retorted aloud.

"I'm going to make myself loud and clear.Get the hell away from Jessica! If you even so much as lay a finger on her again, I will make sure that you disappear from this city forever.Don't believe me? Why don't you try your damn luck?"

Nancy turned on her heels to leave right after.

Lisa did not dare to tempt her fate, given the influence of the Barrymores in the city.

Lisa was frustrated at the lack of response from Caspian.

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