A Sweet Night: The CEO Loves His Wife Ardently

Chapter 348 I Will Stay Here and Help You

Audrey looked in the direction of the sanitation worker. At the feet of the sanitation worker, there were indeed many cigarette butts, more than twenty, almost all piled up together. It was easy to tell that the same person did this.

However, Audrey did not think too much about it and went to buy breakfast with Bryson.

Harold's experiment went very smoothly. Because Harold had not done any experiments for a long time, he was a bit rusty. It was not until the next morning that he completed his experiment.

After completing the experiment, Harold put the research results into two glass bottles and sealed them with wax.

Audrey brought Harold to Luis's office.

Luis saw Audrey bring Harold to his office and smiled at them.

"Isn't Mr. Harold experimenting?"

"It's done. Thank you, Mr. Luis, for letting me experiment." Harold looked at Luis gratefully.

"It's good that you're done." Luis had a gratified expression on his face.

Audrey glanced at Harold and said, "Mr. Luis, the experiment has been completed. So, we are ready to go back to Peace City. This time, we really need to thank you. If you need any help in the future, just call me."

"Of course, then I'll send someone to send you."

"We've already troubled you a lot. I've already called for a car, and it's waiting downstairs."

Luis sighed. "Since you have called the car, I will send you downstairs."

"Mr. Luis, you are still busy. We can go down by ourselves. Just keep in contact, and see you next time."

Looking at the documents in his hands, Luis sighed. "Alright."

"If you come to Peace City in the future, you must call me. I will entertain you."