A Sweet Night: The CEO Loves His Wife Ardently

Chapter 344 Where Are You Taking My Fiancée To?

Miss Jade!

There was only one person in the world that would call her like that - Lance Brook.

Audrey felt shocked when she looked up at the car in front of her. Sure enough, she saw a familiar handsome guy in the car. Wasn't this Lance?

What the hell, why did she meet this guy again?

Since the last time they parted, she had thought that Lance had already given up on her, so why did he appear again?

It just so happened that she was giving Bryson a silent treatment. Moreover... she had not told Bryson that she had come to Pine City this time. If Lance kidnapped her now, no one could rescue her.

Audrey looked around. Strangely, she did not see Lance's subordinates.

"There's no need to look. This time, I came alone to see you. I didn't bring anyone else!" Lance said as if he had guessed Audrey's thoughts.

Audrey's face revealed a bit of embarrassment.

Based on her understanding of Lance, although Lance was not a good person, he never lied. It was not that he did not know how to lie, but... he scorned to do that.

If he said he didn't bring anyone over, then... he really didn't.

Audrey felt a little relieved.

"Mr. Lance, how did you know that I was here?"

"Oh, I got the message yesterday. I heard that Luis sent someone to pick you up at the high-speed railway station. In order not to disturb you, I especially waited for you at the entrance of the Pine Medical Company. Am I considerate?" Lance raised his eyebrows and smiled evilly.

Audrey, "..."

She didn't need that consideration, okay?

"Uh, as a friend, I thank Mr. Lance for coming to see me. Uh, that, I..."

"Weren't you going to call a car?"

"Yes, I still have something to do, so see you next time."