A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 20 At the Ceremony

Sherry raised her head and looked at Liam seriously. He didn't look creepy at all. On contrary, he looked as pure as a big boy. Sherry was certain about what she had in her mind and said. "Mr. Brooks, sometimes pretending to be a fool is tiring. Why don't you just be yourself? Aren't you tired?"

He was obviously not that lascivious, but he was pretending to!

"Um!" Liam was stunned for a second. "Sherry, you really surprised me! You seem to know me well!"

Liam stood up and sat next to Sherry very closely...

Sherry leaned backwards, trying to keep the distance. He sat closer again, and Sherry moved another inch, until she reached to the end of the sofa...

"Do you think I'm handsome, Sherry?" Liam asked Sherry seriously.

"Yes!" She replied. "But can you sit over there?"

She was deadly embarrassed. It was the first time she got so close to a man. She was not used to it at all.

On the other end, a sharp gaze landed on her, and Liam had an unreadable smile. He stretched forward a bit. "Since you think I'm handsome, be my girlfriend!"

"Um!" Sherry paused out of shock. "You've got to be kidding me, Mr. Brooks.”

"You got a boyfriend?” Liam raised an eyebrow.

"No, but stop teasing me, Mr. Brooks!" Sherry stood up. She didn't want to have further conversation with this shameless man. The women at the banquet started staring at her because she was being too close to Liam.

Unexpectedly, Sherry became so nervous that she almost tripped as soon as she stood up because of the snoopy gaze from all around.

"Be careful!" Liam hugged her into his arms, supporting her body. "Be careful, Sherry. Why are you so scared? I haven't kissed you yet."

Sherry was embarrassed while frowning. “I'm sorry!"

She wanted to get up, but he hugged her waist. She couldn't stand still so she ended up laying in his arms. "Haha, I like women throwing themselves to me!"

Liam took a glance at William who had been drinking at the other end of the banquet. He held Sherry tighter with a weird smile, while putting his chin on Sherry's shoulders. Her long hair was covering his lips, so their lips appeared to be kissing from the other side.

Liam suddenly felt the chills on his back when he saw William. He looked so distant that it felt like this has happened before. Since when has Sherry become so important to him?

"Let me go, Mr. Brooks!" Sherry sounded as if she were about to die in embarrassment.

"Okay! I think it's boring to chat like this as well!" Liam changed his attitude, let go of Sherry, while staring at her with a pure look.

Sherry blushed in embarrassment. As soon as she was set free, she immediately fled and sat at the other end of the sofa, far away from him.

The gaze that came from the hall was like sharp poisoned arrows, wanting to shoot her to death. She assumed that those must've been Liam's admirers!

Sherry saw a handsome man walking towards her, and everyone in the hall fixed their eyes on him. She didn't realize until William walked towards them like a king. "Mr. Rowland!" She stood up right away and spoke up.

"Hey Will, I was expecting you! You are late!" Liam was implying that William should have come when he was hugging Sherry just now.

William frowned after he noticed Sherry's blushing face was wearing makeup.

He then glanced coldly at Liam who was sitting aside. "You are so damn boring!"

“That's why I was talking to Sherry!" Liam shrugged. “Right, Sherry?"

"Uh!" Sherry was speechless. She couldn't help but glanced at William carefully. The light shone on his face. He looked cold by birth, not as handsome as Liam. His face seemed to have suffered from and endured hardships. His features were like Michelangelo's masterpiece ‘statue of

David’. He had deep-set eyes and slightly drooping lips. Perhaps because of being indifferent for ages. Even facing his friend Liam, the look on his face never changed.

"Will! You are being too serious, that's going to scare Sherry!" Liam teased while narrowing his eyes and looked at the nervous Sherry who was wringing her hands.

Everyone raised their head and looked over. William and Liam were sitting in front of the poorly dressed girl at the same time. What did she come from originally?

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