A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 19 You're Really Special

"Whoa! That's great!"

"Celia, help me cover it, I can't wear such sexy clothes! What Dan said was right!" Sherry was worried. She's a single woman with a child, how could she act ostentatiously?

In the end, Celia compromised.

Even if the little white dress was suitable for parties... Sadly, the extra blouse covered her exquisite body and made her seemed conservative and old-fashioned.

"Gosh, Sherry, you really ruined my clothes!" Celia shook her head at the sight of Sherry, who was covering her own body.

"It looks way better this way.” after looking at it carefully, Sherry smiled indifferently, "Oh, Celia, I'll leave Dan in your care!"

"Mommy, you must come back earlier!” Dan hugged Sherry’s arm in anxiousness, "You must be careful of those men, don't drink someone else's alcohol because it might have been drugged. Mommy, are you listening to me?"

"Hehe, oh my!" Celia was stunned, "Where did you learn it? You're very on guard!”

"From the television... Celia, it was on the television!" Dan spoke earnestly.

"Don't worry, Mommy will be careful. Be obedient at home.”


"You must keep your phone on. If someone is bullying you, I'll go and save you right away!"

shook her head, “All right, stop saying sweet

and seriously asked, "Celia, you think that my mommy should really find

Kinga Hotel.

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