A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 18 Eat Together

"Raise your head!" William smiled, his voice sounded more heart-touching, "Do you like to stare at your own feet while talking to other people?"

"Ah!" her face reddened.

She then awkwardly raised her head and gazed into his eyes.

Gazing into his eyes that dazzled like black gems was so enchanting.

"Can you do it?" he asked seriously.

"Yes I can!" Sherry took a deep breath and answered firmly.

No matter how, she would do her best and try hard.

There's no such thing as failing in her world, because she wouldn't let herself fail. She had to raise Dan, which was the source of her confidence!

He said, "Great! I wanted a definite answer!"

"Thank you for Mr. Rowland's help!” Sherry sincerely thanked him.

"Let's eat together!" he gazed at her while saying that.

"What?" she was stunned because she thought she heard it wrong.

"Pack your things, get off work, and eat with me!" he drank his coffee and stood up.

His tall and big figure was so oppressing.

do! I'm leaving!" she must pick her child up. It was

She quickly ran out.

William was dumbfounded.

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followed Sherry, who was quickly leaving. Sherry went down, walked out of the company's gate, and ran straight to the

her, it didn't come!William slowly drove his sapphire blue Bugatti out the company's gate. He glanced sideways and saw Sherry's slender figure in front of the bus

was anxiously looking at her watch. His sharp

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quickly raised her head

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Suddenly, her phone rang.

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but once she thought of Dan... No matter how hard it was,

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red hands that were scalded... She once again got into trouble and didn't get fired for it. Thought of that, Sherry smiled like she had

across her until it passed through the bus stop sign. While

have you prepared the dress for the

wear a dress?" Sherry was dumbfounded, "Can I not

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