A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 17 Getting into Trouble


After saying that, Sherry Murray quickly closed the door. She held her chest and patted her face hard. Oh, my! What was wrong with her. How could she forget to knock? She was such an idiot.


In the office, William Rowland fast tidied up his clothes and said to Lara Rhodes, "Get out!"


"Here you are! I haven't..." Saying that, Lara stopped abruptly because of William's sullen look.


Having not sit well for a while, Sherry saw Lara walk out of Mr.Rowland’s office insatiably. She came to Sherry in anger. "Sherry Murray, do you think Mr.Rowland treats you differently since he has handed over such an important task to you? Hum! You are not beautiful enough! Don't forget who you are and remember to knock before entering Mr.Rowland's office."


"Yes! I'm sorry!” Sherry kept nodding her head.


Lara left in anger, twisting her butt.