A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 16 A Difficult Task


AVL was the top female international company that focused on top clothing brands. The designers who worked under the company were world-class standards.


Their design concepts were always at the forefront of clothing brands. At the same time, the AVL had just set off wave after wave of climax in the world apparel week.


A businesswoman who was about 27 years old with his assistant came in. She had a neat short hair, light makeup with a pair of picky eyes. She nodded her head and directly sat in the designated seat. "Mr. Rowland, please begin!"


William nodded.


It was her... Susan Gill. An internationally renowned fashion designer, no wonder her eyes were so picky. She turned out to be the ace designer of AVL.


"Ms. Gill, if there is anything related to AVL, please allow Ms. Murray to handle it!”


"Ms. Murray?" Susan was stunned for a moment as she looked at Sherry.


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