A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 15 An Overnight Celebrity


"Um!" Without feeling embarrassed at all, Liam Brook's model-like handsome face was unreadable. He suddenly smiled. "Uh! Ms. Murray, what if you fail to complete the work on time and cause loss to the company?"


"I'm sorry! I will..." Sherry lowered her head. "I just received this document 15 minutes ago!"


"What I want is the fully translated document, not your excuses!" A cold voice suddenly stopped her sentence as her eyes slowly sank.


"Yes!" Sherry trembled as she subconsciously knew that she was holding a tray.


"Document, I need the document!" William Rowland suddenly stood up. His black suit highlighted his giant physical appearance. His arrogant and unruly expression along with his cold vibes, anyone around would tremble with fear. "If you cant translate this document in 10 minutes, you can pack your things and get out!"


"I...” Sherry bit her lips hard. "Yes!"


"It's obviously that someone is trying to frame her!" After Sherry left, Liam said arrogantly. "You just got this document 15 minutes ago, do you think you can finish on time?"