A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 12 Gossips


In the study.


"You still remember to come back?" John became furious when he saw William, "When are you getting married? When will you find a mother for Sammy?"


"You asked me back here to talk about this?” William frowned.


"Unfilial son! Lucille left for three years already. When will you move on?"


"Don't mention her!" William's face immediately darkened.


"Then get married! Next week will be the company's anniversary celebrations and many daughters of industry leaders will be attending. Just pick one!"


“Anything else?" William asked impatiently, “If not, I'll take my leave."


William left the study before John said anything else.


In the child's room.


"Daddy, was Snow White awaken by the Prince in the end?"


"I'll tell you next time!"


I want to know


"What do you think?"


was awakened by


Sammy is so


A week later.


she studied. Eventually, she managed to get her qualifications. That was why she was able to become


had been making things difficult for her. At least she was able to carefully


Mr. Rowland and Lara were not at the


Rowland took Lara on a business trip!"


to work on her documents. She wanted to capitalize on the


know that Mr. Rowland has many women? I heard that Lara is one


"Okay!" She replied indifferently.


if he was obsessive about cleanliness, then why did he have so many women? Isn't that


that someone who was obsessive about cleanliness should not have any woman. Wouldn't he be cleaner to live on


drinks coffee made by you. Sherry, are you one of Mr. Rowland's women?"


her head up and couldn't help but


were personally selected by Mr. Rowland. He personally hired you! You are the only one who had this honor! Do you know how

in the company are jealous


don't know!" Sherry laughed, “Let's get


How could Mr. Rowland like you? Mr. Rowland is so macho and should like someone sexy like Lara! You can't

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