A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 11 Director's Coffee

Sherry was stunned and looked at the coffee cup in her hands. Mr. Rowland won't drink the coffee made by her?

"Yes!" She made another cup of coffee.

Lara was about to leave but came over to her to smell the coffee, "What's so special about it? Sherry, do you know Mr. Rowland?"

"Huh? No!" Sherry shook her head, "I don't know Mr. Rowland at all! Ms. Rhodes, I'll take the coffee to Mr. Rowland first!”

Lara looked at her back view and scoffed and a thought flashed across her eyes.

Sherry served the coffee to the director's office and William was sorting out some documents, "Mr. Rowland, your coffee.”

"Okay." William looked up at Sherry. The metal black colored business suit by Machini emphasized his slim build, "You will be in charge of my coffee from now on!"

"Yes!" Sherry could only agree. This was directed by Mr. Rowland so she naturally had to obey.

William walked over and Sherry consciously took a step back while her head dropped even lower. She looked at the tip of her shoes helplessly and could smell the fragrance of tobacco leaves.

"Ms. Murray, are you used to it yet?" William's voice was cold and walked past her to sit on the sofa.

"Yes." Sherry's reply remained monosyllable.

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