A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 10 Morning Coffee


Sherry turned around, she saw Anna Hines with a long face standing behind her. “Good morning, l'm Sherry!"


As she nodded her head lightly, Miss. Hines replied politely. Welcome to join The Rowland Group!”


“Nice to meet you!” Sherry replied humbly.


Miss. Hines took her to familiarize herself with the working environment. She started to arrange some work for her at the front desk outside the secretary's room. She would be responsible for welcoming and getting rid of unnecessary people away from Mr. Rowland. At the same time, she would be sending and receiving documents and answering a couple of phone calls.


“Miss. Murray, do you think you can do it?” Miss. Hines asked.


“I think sot”


“Miss. Murray, from today onwards, you and I are Mr. Rowland's secretaries. Mr. Rowland does not like 'I think sơ' but only yes or no, do you think you can do it?”




Miss. Hines smiled. “I will try my best to teach you all the things I can. If there’s anything that you don't know, you can always ask me. l will head to down to collect some documents.”