A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 9 What's Her Background?


“I'm tired, I will leave the rest to you all” William Rowland left in a rush.


Everyone looked at each other as they did not know what happened. Why did Mr. Rowland leave after doing one interview?


While waiting uneasily, Sherry Murray received a call from The Rowland Group. They informed that she got accepted to the company.


“Ah! That's great!” Sherry instantly jumped in excitement after putting down the phone. To be accepted by such a big company, also possibly that she might get a decent income in the future. Dan and she will have a better life together!


“Mummy, what's wrong?”


“Son, your mummy has been accepted!” Sherry hugged her son.


“That's great! Mummy, you re the best!” Dan clapped and screamed. “Ah... my mummy has a job now, my mummy is the best!”

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