A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 8 A Mans Face

Sherry appeared at the Rowland Group dressed in a conservative suit, when she noticed that most women who came for the interview had heavy makeup and were dressed in a more appealing way.

In this moment, a group of girls started chatting.

“Did you hear? This time it's Mr. Rowland who is going to interview us in person!”

“Yeah, I know! He is so handsome, I am finally gonna see him!”

“My Mister Dreamy! And Liam, the guy who is always on Mr. Rowland's side, have you seen him smile?2 Astonishing! I heard him and the president are both still singlet

“Sh! Mister Brooks is coming!” Someone said.

Suddenly there was a loud scream, which startled Sherry, then she looked towards where everyone else was staring at, what a view!

lt was definitely a man's face, but as gentle and lovely as a womans.

He had light skin, which almost looked fabulous under the light, his face structures were in complete harmony. He was standing at the door of the waiting room, and whistled, a lazy smile on his face, which caused multiple woman to scream.

“Uhh, beauties, are you ready?”a deep and soft voice sounded, “The interview ¡is about to start soonU”

“Mister Brook!l Mister Rowland asked you to start preparing the meeting room immediately." Miss Hines, the secretary pulled on Liam's shirt. lf Liam was flaunting there in a moment like that, it would definitely affect their company's name.