A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 7 A Child Daring to do Great Mischief


“Celia, l missed you so much! You look like you are even more pretty today, l'm sure there are a lot of men trying to date you?” Daniel hugged Celia right, and planted a big kiss on her cheeks.


“Aw, l it always feels good to receive your love! Let me give you a big fat kiss as well!” Right after she said so, Celia closed in to Daniel, and imprinted her red lipstick on his soft little cheeks.


Sherry was looking at her son's face with the lipstick stain on it, and giggled, “Alright Daniel, get down already, or Celia gonna get a wardrobe malfunction.”


“Mommy, does ˆwardrobe malfunction' mean that someone will see me naked? Then I exposed myself as well before, some guy saw my little penis." As Daniel was talking, he started getting more anxious.


Celia was stunned, and quickly put Daniel down to take him by his hand, then she patted Sherry's shoulder and said, “What are you teaching our son, he is going to be the kid who can do great mischief! How old is he and already understands what ˆwardrobe malfunction means!"


“Why don't you two just stay here, is empty anyways, and you don't have to pay rent, there is no need to feel bad about that. But if you really do, then you can always invite me over for some dinner, alright?”


“Celia, I really wanna thank you, if it wasn't for you all these years, l wouldn't even know what to do!” Sherry looked at the 2 bedroom apartment, and felt grateful at heart.


Celia didt understand why Sherry never touched the five million, that is the money


from selling my son, I already owe him enough, until today l don't even know where he is, if I used that money, I would be a coldblooded


painful part of her memories, the kind of pain that she would never be able


that Daniel looks more and more like you, except for his eyes, but his little cheeks, his nose, his lips, they all look like you! This really is fate, you haven't raised him for nothing.” Celia thought that Daniel really looked similar to


to really laugh when she was talking about her son Daniel. All these years she had gone through so


her head to look at Daniel who fell asleep on the couch. “I will take Daniel to another kindergarten, all you need to focus on is your interview. The Rowland Group is a big company, if you can get the job, then your


“Thank you, Celia.”


Sherry's shoulders,


“YeahI” Sherry nodded.


The next day.


The Rowland Group headquarter.


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