A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 5 She was Tough


“William, why are you here? I told you not to come.” Suddenly, a soft female voice flew into William's ear. He quickly put the report into his suit pocket and put on a smile.


“Lucy, lm worried, so lm here. What's wrong?”


The woman was just as beautiful as her voice. Her eyebrows were so delicate, and her big bright eyes were on her pretty face. However, her small red lips showed her annoyance. “William, there's nothing we can do anymore. The doctor said I have to do the surgery, maybe I'll never have the chance to bear a baby! Your father won't let me marry you!”


“Don't worry, Lucy. We can go to America to get treatment.” William patted on Lucy's shoulder as consolation, “Come on, let's go home.”


Sherry stopped a taxi in a hurry the moment she stepped out of the hospital. After she got in the car, she realized that she lost her report. She must have dropped ¡it when she bumped into that mister.


Rowland Group and Lucille Mclean, daughter of


flashed through her mind. Yes! That was the CEO of the Rowland Group. She


and you never know what you’re gonna get. She once again put


Seven months later.

Gynecology Department

because of the pain, clutched to her friend Celia's hand. She couldn't help herself but screaming,

you! Think of your lovely baby, be strong,

loud cry came from the delivery room. Celia put her hands together and

the mask, “Both the mom and the baby are fine.

and she wanted

your friend, she's a tough girl.” The doctor left with

the patient room. Tears were swirling in her eyes, “Celia, it's a boy, right? I finally have a

a boy, a beautiful boy. When you can get off the bed,

see him right now. I saw him in the delivery room, and

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