A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 2 He is Here

His voice was mesmerizing. Deep and low, attractive with a touch of sexiness. The voice was very suitable for an announcer and he sounded young.

Sherry took a step backward and replied nervously, “Yesl”

Sherry slowly raised her head and looked at his lips. Their eyes met briefly and he said sarcastically, Do you know what you need to do?”

Sherry felt that he was a very stern man and she was so overwhelmed that she didt khow what to say.

“What? Are you very shy?” As soon as he said, his hand swiftly pinched her chin gently. “Lift up your head!”

Sherry was forced to look up into his eyes and swallowed her saliva nervously.

“Okay, your look is not bad. Have you washed up?”

Sherry's heart jumped, “Yes, I ve showeredt”

“Let's go! Go to the bedroom!” The man's voice was deep, low, and magnetic, reverberating onto Sherry's eardrums.